Bytrix24 – universal CRM-system for business

Full-color set of tools Bytrix24 will free up access to all necessary features without detraining. This is the decision to manage sales of medium and small business. Well-organized re-energized with the clements need to hit the sale, actively attract new orders and hang repeated sales. The order in the contacts CRM Bitrix predicts the rubbing of data on calls, writings and invites from the contact form.

The capabilities of CRM Bitrix

In the situation of high competition on the river we do not need, that is, the sale of the work as weakly and effectively as possible. Bitrix24 will not give you a lower one face, and will help the employees of your company to hold a clyent on all the ethaps of the sales funnel. Razrabotan's system for controlling the manager, the general management of the general four, the collection of statistics data, the adjustment of the official correspondence and the selection of the edict standard of the veda lyda.

The main capabilities, kotorye represent the program Bytrix, you can find out the sleding:

  • control of the progress of the otdelnyh face or sdelok;
  • sozdaniye individual funnel sale of a specific business;
  • automatic delivery of beeches to the order;
  • project management, forming and control of tasks;
  • will be able to attack the automatic e-mail or sms notification on triggers;
  • vnedrenye phones and el. pochty, kotoriye will be doubled to tasks and projects in the system;
  • automating processes, kotoriye do not trebuyut face craftsmanship of the specialist;
  • the ability of social networks and messengers in the chat intra Bytrix24;
  • forming a sales plan;
  • sozdanie and otsvanye documents;
  • import data through 1C;
  • sozdanye site or landing strike with help Bitrix24.

The main bytrix24 taskbar

The main executioner discovers the best access to sdelok, planing a shot or an incision of new tasks for sotrudnikov. Kanban is intended for technical elements wed Bytrix,kotoriye yiut its status. Eto elektronnaya vizalnaya doska, reflective flowing sostosye sdelok. With the help of this system, you will have access to edit the multiplicity of elements, unite them in groups. So, now your co-workers smog hand-blowing the ice on the funnel sale.

Kaka installation Bytrix24 will help you to organize the reclaiment with the clements

I have installed this system, you can save and keep the data about the order or partner. Bytrix24 memorizes, something your guests need and teachers resurfaced pozhlanye potentialnyh reserve. All commerce prelozheny, orders and payments pass through the special funnel sale CRM Bytrix. The tasks of sales managers can be automated by publicly business processes. The handler controls the set through the fathers and plans to re-identify the new, visible saucer.

Sozdaniye system of contractors is soprovozhdyutsya otslyvanyemyem vozmozhyeh dubs, and cops otseyvyutsyautsya. CRM Bitrix carefully sobers up all grains of information, that is, it is a way to bolshoi woolen potential clement. If you use this system, you will not miss the will to convert the face into a glass. The system of trips for business for presentation of services and sale of goods will give for tech companies, in kotoryh net of its own site. A special CRM-form will pick up the questionnaire data, write the client in the eye and lead about sobyty.

Bytrix program and e e corporate social set

Disposed of work on PC, and on mobile devices, the work of the hand-to-hand and the slavers is otsutstvyut kak takovye. Active corporate life of the presummatrivate raznobrazye reaction to posts, sozdaniye oprosov, sbor materialov on the project and team-based drying of the people's enterprises. There is also the will of the organization of video conferences and collective chats for the greatest effectiveness of sotrudnichesty and associated motivation.

Many-shaped function, kooroe You will get, resiv buy Bytrix24

Installation Bytrix24 simple and conceptual, and the interface was mastered.

Resysvyuts this CRM-system, you can easily plan the slave time of your employees on the memo forward. Partly, so the customized calendar will not be difficult. The vedas of the heads on the etaps of the funnel sale is as easy as possible, which is the way to hang the effectiveness of sotrudnikov and hit the common displays of the company. In addition, the system meaningfully forgives the process of correcting the fathers and the resentful intranets of the company. Now you can save all the files for you to Bytrix24.Disk. If you use a wide function of this system, you will take a look — the standing of Bytrix24 bolechem is justified.

C Bytrix24 You will get a complete set of tools for the management of the company's work

%d0%b1%d1%83%d1%84%d0%b5%d1%80-%d0%be%d0%b1%d0%bc%d1%96%d0%bd%d1%83-1Bytrix24 goodbyes working processes: drying and soglassovaye,
control of tasks, work with clements.

  • Get a little more new clements
  • Magnive the sum of the middle cheque
  • Hang up re-sales
  • Reduce the izderzhki to the aftermath and analiz of information
  • Otdel's effectiveness of the sale


Order a presentation Video   horizon



Corporate social set

Write soobschenia in live lente, zhmte like esla chey-something post or soobschenye came to you in the souls, sozdavay opzdavay sobiraya mnenye colleg on that or innuya theme, create a photo-gallery, that's why you will sit down with colleagues with your own seals and condemn the layouts razrabotanine for the. Yes You can integrate lenta with popular social networks. sets and give access to your customers.


Create, delegate, control the result of tasks


In Bytrix24 You can plan your day without any slogans, solve the tasks of colleges for plankvania of the soviet meropriyaty, to conduct four work on the project. The tasks can be divided into priorities with the help of specializing symbols, and the Diagram Gantt will easily mend the position of the tasks on the project.Esla You work with the clements in CRM, which is listed in the task, kkoma klient on otnosytsya – the information will appear in the task, and in CRM. Project management and CRM are your helper in the great sales.


Work with tasks in bitrix24




Corporate messenger, business chat and video calls.

chat and video calls in Bytrix24

The blessing of the message "Bytrix24" to the video calls rather than the need to get an expensive selection video conference for parsing with colleges from the second officers. You can call online and without entrée on the object. Video calls are available in the same way through a mob-like ward – you can get out and slash the colleges, let's go to the offshoot, in the expensive or on the shot.

For the soviet solver of slaves, it is possible to organs the collective chat or video-call (up to 4 people), glazed into an illegal colleague.


Work with documents

Who did not stalk the problems with the opredelena final, uverzhdennoye allekzeplar documents? Soviet access to redacturing documents will work on one document to all the parties to the process.

Now do not care to download packages of offshore programs, the benefit of integrating with online services Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online in "Bytrix24" can be opened, looked at and amended in the files of popular formats .doc, .docx, .xlc, .xlcx, .ppt, .pptx.


Documents in bytrix24


Sozdannye in "Bytrix24" documents will be pre-emptively used to conjure up tasks or soobscheny in Zhviy Lente. You can dry out jockeys, prosmatryvlysya all the name in the nam, and "Umnyy poisk" to find your beloved document.When entering the invite, the podskazka is taken out.



Thick disc bytrix24

Oblachnoye keeper: heavy information of the all-round hand

"Bytrix24.Disk" – eto forgiveness for the chronicle of documents and file companies, access to kotorom vozmozhen from any device and from any mesta, where there is Internet. Yes esla you have a handy smartphone and mobile Internet.

Forget about setting up an official file server and an inline set to access your file. Everything is eto – a harnessed vek. "Bytrix24.Disk" – eto pinched prostrance, where the saucers can not only keep the files, but they work on them sovietally, and so they will connect the work over the files of partners or klientov.


Plans for the slave-owning vremeni

You're less likely to waste time and resources on planners, the topics are more likely to be usable. The calendar in "Bytrix24" is an tool for managing a working time in a company.

Plan a time for a full task in the morning, set me axle dela and concentrate on the main. Electron calendar, soviet with a planner of tasks, pochtoy and dela, will help to effectively organs the working day and will equip the team work In the planner, the graphs of the zanysty all the mastiffs of sotrudnikov and negotiating komnaty are displayed.




Bytrix24 calendars

CRM in "Bytrix24"

crm "Bytrix24"

In the center of any business segodnya – clement. It is difficult to use the whole range of tools:

  • all potential clients and your guests are introduced to your guests (Bytrix24 CRM)
  • otslezhvanye zakazov, commerical pre-ordered, payments (sdles in CRM and sales funnel)
  • prey tools for communicables with clements (Vyrtualnaya PBX)
  • automation of managers' work (Business processes)
  • control (Tasks and tasks) and planing (Calendars)
  • access from any point of the world (Moby)

In Bytrix24, all the necessary tools are used and theses are inscribed with CRM online, which meaningfully goodbye to the clements and sales process. In the ethoma – one of the premeditation of Bytrix24 before the second systems.


Lead four times all "Zatsepok" (Lydov in the system Bytrix24), analize the yistochnyky and ascension, control the converse of the left in the sdles. The system will self-drill the sticking duplicates and sozdast of the new counterparty and contact.Work on such a scenario (that's the face of contact and sdelke) in CRM system Bytrix24 will make the most of the "filter" all potential concepts and analyze the effectiveness of the work of the sale.

Connect a 1c-tracker for integration with a four-pack system of 1c, an e-mail tracker for tracking in-house and walking writing in CRM, automatic sozdany of the heads on in-house invitees.

Make CRM forms (questionnaires, applications, make an appointment, meropriye and the second) easily and iftro, give esla you net site! CRM is not easy for you to sochranite all the results from CRM forms and spreads on leads, contacts, companies, sdles, etc.


HR. Staff management

HR in bytrix24


Udobnaya and conceptual structure of the company, seething for handlers and sotrudnikov. C Bytrix24 will make it easier for us to equip the communimonium of the intra-collector and introduce a new colleague into the course.

Create a design structure for the work with the organizational structure of your company — You can design and edit the structure, the rights of access to information, the system of relations for otchetnosti, conducts oprosy sredy sotrudnikov, inadvertently "heimificization" in the company for the education of wool and loyalty sotrudnikov.


We will gladly hold for you an individual presentation on the functioning of bpm'online sales.

To order a presentation, click on the "Order presentation" button. We will meet with you and judge the pre-trial time for e held.


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